feel horror thinking at this hotel! I choose vivaldi for good reviews, for his central position and near bus-stop...
But I did not expect a cleaning at ZERO stars! As soon as I arrived, I saw that the sink was cleaned deeply only months and months ago (see photo)! 20 minutes after I went to the reception (WITH my PHOTOS), I go out for some hours BUT nothing has been done! Then I cleaned by myself!
 I waited for the day after the cleaning (vain hope!) unluckily I had clean again by myself!

lavandino malta

after which I preferred put the -do NON-disturb- card , so at least I knew that that DIRTY cloth the maid left me in the room ... will not be used again !
go to a 4 stars and transform me in a maid? uahuu!!
what about ? dirty bathroom! sink with crusts of dirt, wc not well cleaned, rust oozing tiles, and a tuff of hair in the tub!
hair, but not head-hair! (See photo)
I have collected them and I've tried a couple of times to try to get attention at reception! MA was always too busy!
start from the beginning ... just arrived only one family in front of me .. BUT after 20 minute wait to check in (the other stuff-person to whom I had asked was NOT available) (on the other hand I had a fast check out)
I tried the first few days to get the token for the towels .. and I USED 2 DAYS because the case closed soon:
once I get the token.... was missing the man of the department pools to give me a towel!
so .. I just made a foot bath in the jacuzzi!
(On the other hand .. just arrived there was a man smiling told me that I had to take the first token .. and the jacuzzi was out of order for that day ..)
the cash-desk always closed early, then I was not successful (for endless queues at the reception) getting the safe (which was NOT even in the room): the rent is NOT cheap ... the safe-price is the most higher I have seen , and if you lose the key are over 60 €!
On the other hand the room was great (and at least the bed was clean!)
 The bed was comfortable ... but the machine dispenser of food and drinks just outside the door was very noisy.
The air conditioning have turned off (but for my choice)
A breakfast .. I remember with horror the pots black .. where they cook the omelette in an inch of oil!
I don't even remember with pleasure the covered holes on the floor (in which more 'times I tripped), and even the dirty but - comfortable little chairs upholstered ... BUT what a wonderfull view!
but at the end of the breakfast was the best thing: food in abundance (and something is edible) .. view superb!
now we come to the vivaldi-had to be ... -:
 I can not say that it is in a very bad position .. but I walked a lot more 'than expected!
There is a bus stop .. but it's only for rabat (every half hour): The main bus stop is more than 10 minutes walk
I had chosen for the jacuzzi (and I managed to barely try)
A bad choice: do not recommend it.
in a few days I will come back to st julian .. but NOT will return in this hotel for sure

 I dream an apologize from this hotel
In tripadvisor replay to many other person..but not to me